FUSE Workshops on NEXUS for Amman

MIRRA & Austrian Foundation for Development Research (OFSE) organized a series of workshops on food, water and energy NEXUS in Jordan


Amman, 24-27 Mar 2019: MIRRA organized a series of workshops with an international team on food, water and energy NEXUS. The workshops belong to the Food-water-energy for Urban Sustainable Environments (FUSE 2018-2021) project a part of the Sustainable Urbanization Global Initiative of Urban Europe and the Belmont Forum.


The multi-disciplinary team is developing a long-term Food-water-energy systems model applicable to the Amman region. In working groups and discussion sessions, more than 100 Jordanian participants as users, experts or/and modelers from multiple key sectors developed together insightful scenarios and feedback for the FUSE model.


The model captures connections and feedbacks among users, producers, distribution mechanisms, and resources connecting the food-water-energy nexus. Under narratives of future changes in climate, demographics, land use, and economic development, and considering the behavior of a wide range of actors, the team will develop and evaluate policy interventions and innovative governance forms to identify implementable sustainability options.