Our Mission

MIRRA’s mission is to work toward the implementation of sustainable development initiatives in Jordan by addressing the challenges facing the water, agricultural, and environmental sectors in order to contribute to water conservation, environmental sustainability, and social and economic prosperity.

What We Do

• Support research & development


• Initiation and implements development programs


• Use a practical field methodology


• Provide both short-term and long-term expertise and consultations

who we are?

MIRRA, Methods for Irrigation and Agriculture, was created on September 2007 and based in Amman and Irbid, Jordan. It was converted to a special association that belongs to the Ministry of Environment in the end of year 2010.

Dedicated to

The situation has had an impact on water availability and access across various sectors in the country. The need to improve water use efficiencies and freshwater conservation is particularly eminent within agriculture, as the sector is a top consumer of Jordan’s freshwater resources. MIRRA is dedicated to facing these obstacles, while positively impacting the livelihoods and wellbeing of communities and institutions.


Jordan is currently facing the pressing issues of:

Our Approach

MIRRA is a Jordanian non-governmental organisation created in September 2007. It aims to support the development of the agricultural sector in Jordan and in its neighboring countries (Palestinian Territories, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria) by being an operator on development projects and by performing consultative missions in the domains of agriculture and irrigation.

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Posted By - MIRRA Date - July 27, 2023



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Posted By - Samer Tallauze Date - February 28, 2022

Innovative plastic materials, natural additives and novel irrigation technologies

Innovative plastic materials, natural additives and novel irrigation technologies will improve performance of Mediterranean greenhouses by 15% The innovations proposed by the AZMUD project will help reducing water, energy, nutrients and pesticides, and will promote the use of wastewater in

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Posted By - MIRRA Date - October 10, 2021

MIRRA – Results of the farmer surveys

The results of the surveys conducted by MIRRA team in the Northern Jordan Valley showed that more than 50% of farmers use high flow rate emission devices to irrigate citrus trees. It should be highlighted that the efficiency of the

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