MIRRA – Meeting with the Minister of Environment

21/03/2018 Under the patronage of His Excellency Minister of Environment Dr. Nayef Al Fayez, MIRRA team participated with a group of environmental associations and under the supervision of the Union of Environmental Associations in a dialogue session aimed at joint


27/02/2018 MIRRA team was visited by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) team - representatives of Evan Meyer - Kamal Odeh - Noor Habjouka - at one of the work sites of the Low-Energy Drip Irrigation Project - Sharhabeel

MIRRA – Solar Pump

31/01/2018 During the first month of 2018, the work was based on the installation of a drip irrigation system (using low pressure emitters) on solar energy, where the MIRRA team worked with the MIT team and with the help of

MIRRA – Workshop 2

24/01/2018 MIRRA was honored by the invitation of the Ministry of Environment to attend a workshop titled ("The New Environment Law" and applications to the Law of Associations No. 51 of 2008 and its amendments) The following topics were discussed:


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