August 1, 2022 – August 30, 2023



Enhancing Capacities of Syrian and Jordanian Youth on Smart Agriculture project is a 1-year Edu- Syria – EU funded program designed to enable a youth team, from Syrian refugees and unprivileged Jordanian, by equipping with the technical and non-technical skills to be able to compete in the agriculture labour market or become self-employed.  As outcomes of the project, 40 trained youth will be able to compete in the labour market or be able to develop their start-ups. Additionally, a Technical and Vocational Educational Training program that addresses the market readiness needs of the targeted youth and that can be updated and delivered again when needed.


According to the UNHCR (2021), the Syrian refugees number exceed 600,000 persons. Majority of the refugees are found in Amman, Mafraq, Irbid and Zarqa governorates. Despite the improving conditions under the Jordan Compact, restrictive regulations and practices limit the refugees’ opportunities for formal employment and self-employment. Being unskilled and with no work permits, Syrian refugees experience poor working conditions, such as job insecurity, short term contracts, poor working conditions, workplace discrimination and low wages.


The training program, which is based on needs assessment, will be implemented in 2 cycles, using both face-to-face and distance learning and training. In the program design, MIRRA will attend to the technical and non-technical skills that the beneficiaries will need for career success. Employer engagement is essential for the success of this program where MIRRA will leverage its network of partners to serve the intended outcomes of the project.


  • The project is designed to economically engage Syrian Refugees and unprivileged Jordanian youth of age between18 and 28 years old.


  • The target beneficiaries will be: 40.


The project will also work on improving the non-technical skills of the targeted beneficiaries. The Applied Science University will provide training on the following topics:

  1. Curriculum Vitae Development.
  2. Digital and Communication skills.
  3. Entrepreneurship skills
  4. English skills