MIRRA – MIRRA and The University of Manchester lunched a one and a half year project on FUTURE DAMS on May 2019


MIRRA and The University of Manchester lunched a one and a half year project “FUTURE DAMS: Future Design and assessment of water-energy-food-environment Mega-systems (2019/2020)” on May 2019. Eng. Weam Mehdawi, M. Sc is leading this project who has strong modeling and water expertise. The development of water resources in the Middle East in general could contribute to the region’s sustainable economic development. The number of available water and energy system interventions is high, and so it is hard to reach consensus on siting, size, sequencing and operation of new infrastructure. Key gaps include institutional, technical and training. This project will address mostly technical and training needs, aiming to design an approach and tool set for negotiated infrastructure system expansion in a transnational resource system setting.

The project aims to achieve the following objectives:
1-      To deepen understanding of how nexus system interventions (new dams, or systems of dams, and their operation) cascade through socio-economic, engineered, ecological and political systems, and use this knowledge to help stakeholders develop and negotiate solutions that are economically, socially and environmentally beneficial.
2-      To enhance the technical and  institutional capacity of partner and non-partner researchers and policy-makers to ensure that dam decision-making leads to economically, socially, and environmentally desirable outcomes.
3-      To create a cross-disciplinary network of researchers and policy-influencers and interdisciplinary tools for dam decision-making globally, which will continue to operate after program completion and that can transfer learning to the ‘next generation’ of nexus system planners world-wide.
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