MIRRA – Second National Conference of Environmental Associations


At the invitation of the Union of Environmental Societies, MIRRA participated in the Second National Conference of Environmental Associations

Speaking at the opening of the conference, the President of the Association of Environmental Associations (UIC) Omar Shoushan spoke about the importance of a sustainable institutional framework for the work of all the environmental associations in Jordan and its systematic engagement with local partners such as the private sector, parliament and others.

Shoushan said that the integration of technical and local knowledge of environmental associations is necessary to contribute to exert greater influence on official bodies in making effective and real decisions regarding environmental work.

He expressed the hope that the meeting will contribute to the recommendations of which the work will be to develop an institutional action strategy for all associations and expand the membership base in the Union, adding that more associations will be invited to join this institutional work taking into account the importance of geographical distribution and balance.

Shoushan announced the Federation’s intention to start raising the capacities of associations in various fields in environmental affairs through holding a series of training workshops, in addition to developing a guide for associations as a reference for these associations in the future.

For his part, said the coordinator of regional programs for energy and climate at the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Richard Probst, that justice cannot be seen only from the social side, apart from other aspects and issues such as environmental, explaining that the subject of climate change not only at the local level, but the world Petra.

The conference discussed how to strengthen the institutional capacities of associations and environmental challenges in Jordan, the support and the successful environmental media message, as well as the definition of the sustainable conferences directory of the Union of Environmental Associations.

The Union of Environmental Associations ,which was established in 2012, comprises nine environmental associations in Jordan.

MIRRA team

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