MIRRA – MIRRA conducted an on-site training on the automatic irrigation system in Rihab Secoundary School for Girls/MIRRA-UNICEF Project

Within MIRRA project with UNICEF “Decentralized wastewater treatment and reuse in institutions”, On the 28th of April, 2019 an on-site training on the operation of the automatic irrigation system has been done. The participants were: 60 students of Irhab Secondary school for girls, 3 agriculture teachers, NDICo representatives and National Agriculture Research Center (NARC) representative. MIRRA representative started the training by talking about the project in general and describing the purpose of the training. 
Following that, NDICo representative talked about the components of the control head and the purpose of each component. The irrigation system has been operated to explain the operation mechanism of the irrigation system and the controller. After that a tour to the field has been done to explain the detailed layout of the irrigation system. A manual on the operation of the controller has been given to the responsible person from Irhab Secondary School for Girls

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