MIRRA – MIRRA launches its project ” Realizing Sustainable Agriculture” in Azraq


MIRRA launched its new project “Realizing Sustainable Agriculture and Efficient Water Management in the Azraq Basin in Jordan through the Adaptation and Integration of Proven Technology and Community Partnership” in Azraq through a kick-off meeting with different stakeholders. The partnership agreement between MIRRA and Rural Family Society (RFS), which is a community- based organization in Azraq, was signed at the meeting.

In the beginning of the kick-off meeting, Mr. Omar Shoshan, Head of RFS, welcomed the participants and gave a brief introduction about RFS and the importance of this project to the Azraq community.

Dr. Samer Talozi, MIRRA’s Director, followed up with a presentation about MIRRA and its projects in different regions in Jordan. Following that, Eng. Elham Al Shorafat, MIRRA’s Environment Department Manager, gave a brief introduction about the project.

Eng. Maram Zaid, MIRRA’s Irrigation and Agriculture Department Manager, followed up and explained the proposed sustainable solution to overcome challenges in Azraq and presented the action plan of the project.

At the end of the meeting, youth who will be participating in the capacity building program of the project introduced themselves and explained why they are interested in this program. 

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