MIRRA – MIRRA Summer School of Sustainability 2019 Module 2 concluded in Azraq Jordan


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22/8/2019, MIRRA Summer School of Sustainability is on-going with Module 2 Climate Change in Azraq, Jordan. 

Eng. Elham Walid Al-Shurafat, MIRRA Environment Department Head, elaborated on the climate change globally and locally and selected with the trainees the most 4 local environmental issues relevant to their context in Azraq. For each issue, a diverse compatible youth group (different specialties and skills) was determined. In Module 3, with Eng. Maram Zaid, they will develop the most feasible solution and how proceed with it. 

The school target 15 ambitious youth to produce concept notes on projects that address local challenges within 1 to 3 months. By the end on the school, the youth will present their concept notes in front of potential donors in Amman with MIRRA full support.

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