MIRRA – MIRRA, UNICEF and Wakileh teams programmatic field visit to the project “Decentralized wastewater Management”

MIRRA_ UNICEF Project Update 💧💦

Al-Mafraq 25/09/2019: MIRRA, UNICEF and Wakileh Contracting teams have a milestone programmatic visit to the project “Decentralized wastewater treatment and reuse in institutions” at three governmental schools in Rihab village, Al-Mafraq. The project is funded by UNICEF and implemented by MIRRA.

The visit out-course: During the visit, and as the project approach its end, the work progress was inspected in the three schools and Consultations and feedback with the school’s mangers, teachers and local community have been performed. Also, the sustainability plans were reviewed by relevant stakeholders.

The visit outputs: The UNICEF team expressed gratitude for the impressive work progress and the teams together discussed a project extension in order to cover various components of research and development in the schools to become more sustainable, save more water, benefiting the local community and having the three schools as role model at best practices for water management as a public institution.

To know more about the project, please read from the project page on our website

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