MIRRA – MIRRA with cooperation with Rihab Municipality leveled a large dump area in Rihab Elementary school for boys

MIRRA with cooperation with Rihab Municipality, leveled Zone 6 in Rihab Elementary school area (710 m2). Zone 6 is in a bad condition because of the excavations that were thrown out of the construction of a nearby playground and thus became a danger to the students and became a garbage dump and an area not suitable for any use. The leveling of zone 6  was achieved by the Cut and Fill procedure using a Bulldozer and a tractor granted by the Municipality of Rihab for free . This is not new to the municipality of Rihab represented with the Mayer Hussain Al-Zyoud, which has cooperated with the MIRRA team since the beginning of the project with all his potentials in order to ensure the success of the project, which he believe will serve the local community very much.

 After the leveling of Area 6, students and teachers planted it with forest trees and fast growing and large types trees to block the wind and sun from the playground and also provide a green area for students during the break periods.

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