MIRRA – New Field Visit with New Trainees

MIRRA’s team conducted a field visit to Tareq Al-Lawzi farm, located in Al-Mafraq. This farm is cultivated with stone fruits, apricot, pomegranates and grapes. During this visit, MIRRA’s team measured water pH, EC, distribution uniformity and pressure in order to

MIRRA – The Second Stage of Training Began

The second stage of training began with a group of new agricultural engineers who were selected for an apprenticeship opportunity within the project ”Advancing Water Innovative Technology in Selected Farms in Azraq and Mafraq"

MIRRA – MIRRA’s New Participation

Today is the first day of the FoodSec summit and expo. The virtual event works very much as our in person events. Today is the second and last day of the expo. Eng. Mohammad Alajlouni has started to participate as

MIRRA – MIRRA’s New Participation

MIRRA is participating as an Exhibitor at FOODSEC- Middle East Food Security Summit and Expo taking place 24- 25 March, 2021. @foodsec Change this SubheadingImage Box TitleChange this description

MIRRA – New Visit by MIRRA’s Team for Farm Evaluation

MIRRA's team conducted a field visit to the farm of Bassem Al-Rawi, located in Mafraq - Rehbet Rakad, in order to evaluate the performance of the irrigation system. During the visit, water pH and EC were measured and pressure readings

MIRRA – New Installations in The Polycarbonate House

MIRRA replaced the old water delivery system in the poly carbonate house with a more efficient system. Additionally, new seedling trays and small incubator are installed. Change this SubheadingImage Box TitleChange this description