MIRRA – Conducting Soil Tests By Trainees

Captions for conducting soil tests (Texture, PH, and EC) by the trainees of advancing water innovative technology project at MIRRA’s lab. Change this SubheadingImage Box TitleChange this description

MIRRA – Graphic Designer and Website Developer Vacancy at MIRRA

MIRRA is looking to hire a graphic designer to work at MIRRA’s offices in  Shmeisani on a part-time basis. The applicant should have the following qualifications: Interested candidates should send the following documents to (vac.mirra@gmail.com): Note: This is not a

MIRRA – Celebrating the Graduation of Our 13 Trainees

It is our pleasure to celebrate the graduation of the 13 female trainees from the upskilling training program on innovation and food production. Congratulations! MIRRA trained 13 unemployed female engineers on innovation and food production within the Jordan's Water- Energy-

MIRRA – WIT’s Trainees Case Studies

As part of "Advancing water innovative technologies- WIT" project training, each trainee is given a case study. In the case studies, the trainees will apply what they have learnt through the whole journey in irrigation system design program . To

MIRRA – MIRRA Welcomes the New Field Engineer

02/02/2021 Eng. Mohammad Al-Ajlouni has been selected for the Field Engineer position at MIRRA. Eng. Mohammad has a M.Sc. degree in Natural Resources and Environment from Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) and has solid experience and knowledge in

MIRRA – HTU trainees’ visit to Wastewater treatment plants

24/11/2020 Jordan is a water-scarce country and agriculture consumes more than 50% of the available water resources. Thus, the use of non-conventional water resources for agriculture is essential to reduce the demand for freshwater resources. The HTU trainees got theoretical