MIRRA – MIRRA-UNICEF project/Sanitation units rehabilitation and maintenance were completed in Rihab Schools, Mafraq


MIRRA-UNICEF project updates/

Completing the rehabilitation and maintenance of sanitation units from inside and outside at Rehab Elementary School for Boys, Abdullah Bin Al-Zubair School and Rihab Agricultural Secondary School for Girls. Which includes the maintenance of interior lighting, reopening of sewers, maintenance of wash sinks , tiling of damaged parts, painting of roof and building from outside. In order to provide a clean healthy environment for school students.

These works are part of MIRRA-UNICEF project “Decentralized wastewater treatment and reuse in institutions”. This project is working to close that gap by targeting three schools within the Rihab district in Mafraq Governorate. With a population of 23,874 consisting of nearly 3000 Syrians, the rural district has no sewer network, instead relying on the a cesspit to dispose waste water. Agriculture in Irhab relies on a piped water network that is meant for domestic use and water trucks, in addition to privately-owned wells.

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