MIRRA – MIRRA-UNICEF project/ Two wastewater treatment plants infrastructure were completed in Rihab Schools, Mafraq


MIRRA-UNICEF project updates/

Completing the infrastructure of the wastewater treatment units and equipping rooms for the installation of control panels. These units are intended to provide treated water for irrigation of the garden area and trees planted at Rehab Agricultural Secondary School for Girls, Abdullah Bin Al-Zubair School and Rehab Elementary School for Boys.

These works are part of MIRRA-UNICEF project “Decentralized wastewater treatment and reuse in institutions”. This project is working to close that gap by targeting three schools within the Rihab district in Mafraq Governorate. With a population of 23,874 consisting of nearly 3000 Syrians, the rural district has no sewer network, instead relying on the a cesspit to dispose waste water. Agriculture in Irhab relies on a piped water network that is meant for domestic use and water trucks, in addition to privately-owned wells.

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