MIRRA – MIRRA_Standford University_OFSE partnership results are out for the FUSE project

MIRRA_Standford University_OFSE partnership results are out for the FUSE project πŸ’¦πŸŒΏπŸŒž

The Sustainability Living Lab in Jordan for FUSE (Food – Water – Energy in Urban Environments) project results and report are out!

FUSE project is a transdisciplinary 3-year research project (2018-2021) on the future of Food-Water-Energy (FWE) resources in Jordan, with a focus on its capital, Amman. The project will develop a long-term systems model that can be used to identify viable paths to sustainability.

The project brings together scientists, engineers, economists, and stakeholder engagement experts from Stanford University in California, USA, IIASA, Austria, UFZ, Leipzig, Germany, and Γ–FSE (Austrian Foundation for Development Research) in Vienna, Austria. The project is a not-for-profit research effort and is part of the Sustainable Urbanization Global Initiative of JPI Urban Europe and the Belmont Forum.

MIRRA is the local coordinator for the FUSE project activities in Jordan.

To know more about the project and read the report, please visit the FUSE website

You will find a lot of pictures from the workshops at

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