MIRRA – MIRRA installed greywater system at three schools in Dec 2020

03/01/2021 “WASH in Schools “project updates! During December-2020, MIRRA installed greywater treatment and re-use systems at three schools that are located in the Northern Badia, Northern Azraq, and Dhiban. These schools are Al-Saedeyya Secondary Mixed School, Southern Azraq Secondary Mixed

MIRRA – MIRRA Welcomes the New Field Engineer

02/02/2021 Eng. Mohammad Al-Ajlouni has been selected for the Field Engineer position at MIRRA. Eng. Mohammad has a M.Sc. degree in Natural Resources and Environment from Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) and has solid experience and knowledge in

MIRRA – HTU trainees’ visit to Wastewater treatment plants

24/11/2020 Jordan is a water-scarce country and agriculture consumes more than 50% of the available water resources. Thus, the use of non-conventional water resources for agriculture is essential to reduce the demand for freshwater resources. The HTU trainees got theoretical

MIRRA – HTU trainees’ visits

23/11/2020 MIRRA conducted field visits to different sites in Jordan. These visits are complementary visits to the theoretical training conducted by MIRRA on different topics (Soilless Agriculture, Organic Farming and Non-conventional water technologies). The HTU trainees visited different soilless agriculture

MIRRA – HTU trainees Visit to MIRRA Lab

19/11/2020 The HTU 13 female trainees visited our lab to learn about Soil and Water quality Testing. The trainees were trained on, how to measure water salinity and pH using the pH meter and EC meter, how to determine the

MIRRA – MIRRA hold the closing ceremony of MIRRA-HAF-RFS project

17/11/2020 Project updates! MIRRA hold the closing ceremony of MIRRA-HAF-RFS project "Realizing Sustainable Agriculture In Azraq". Showcase the successful outcomes of the project and discuss what next!. More than 30 participants included but not limited to: MIRRA Team (implementing NGO),